If you have any questions about the treatments and services, you’ll find most of the answers here.

If you are still unsure, or what you need to know isn’t covered here, then please get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

What is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist undertakes a degree in Podiatric Medicine so that they are skilled, trained and educated to assess, diagnose and treat problems of the foot and lower limb. As they are skilled in screening and health education, a visit to the Podiatrist need not always be about sore feet. Your feet and your family’s foot health are important and Podiatrists are able to provide advice on foot care, health education and give footwear advice.

What is the difference between Chiropody and Podiatry?

There is no difference between the two. Podiatry is the new name for Chiropody as this is the term which is used in other English-speaking countries. Podiatrists do, however, have a wider scope of practice than Chiropodists had in the past.

What is the HCPC?

The Health and Care Professions Council is the government regulator of healthcare professionals. They keep a register of healthcare professionals who meet their standards for training, skills, behaviour and health. In order to call themselves a ‘Chiropodist’ or ‘Podiatrist’ a professional has to be registered with this government body. Formerly known as ‘State Registration’ membership of this organisation means that the Chiropodist adheres to the highest standards of care and ethics and regularly undertakes training to keep their clinical skills up to date in order to give you the best care and advice.

Do you treat or remove Verrucae?

Verrucae are caused by a viral infection and cannot be ‘removed’, only going away when they are ready. However, they can be treated to reduce the pain and assist with the body’s attempts at getting rid of them. Overlying skin is removed and products applied to stimulate the body’s own immune reaction. Home treatment may be needed to reduce repeated visits. No reputable Chiropodist or Podiatrist should offer you any guarantees that they can definitely ‘remove’ Verrucae.

I feel embarrassed about my feet and am reluctant to book an appointment

Please do not have any worries about the state of your feet, as we are trained – and enjoy – working with feet that need our help. We’ve dealt with feet that are all shapes and sizes and have all manner of problems and yours are certain not to be the worst we’ve ever seen. Also, we are only really looking at how to treat the problem and don’t make any judgements about what they look like.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to book an appointment?

You do not need a doctor’s referral to book an appointment. You can book a treatment at a date and time to suit you.

Do you offer free NHS treatment?

No we do not offer free NHS treatment but you can be assured that we do comply with the standards required, as a very minimum.

Can I claim back the fees on my health insurance policy?

Yes. Please ask for a receipt for your treatment fees and this will allow you to claim back expenses in accordance with your policy.

Will it hurt?

This is a common concern but skilled chiropody should be entirely pain-free. In-growing toenails may be sensitive to treat, however great relief is experienced following the treatment of the painful area. If the treatment were to be too painful then you would be referred to have this procedure done under a local anaesthetic.  I have a reputation for being very gentle and always take great care to ensure that treatment is comfortable and enjoyable.

Will it tickle?

We are trained to deal with the feet in a way which is firm and professional. Even people with extremely sensitive feet find that treatment is comfortable.

How long does the chiropody treatment session last?

A standard appointment can last up to 40-45 minutes, which is significantly longer than many other chiropody clinics and about four times longer than an NHS appointment.  I feel that this guarantees the best results, which is why many of our patients recommend us to family and friends.

How long does the hard skin removal last for?

If your feet are prone to building up excess hard skin then this will eventually return. However, this usually takes about 6-8 weeks. You will be advised, on an individual basis, how regularly you need to attend for treatment and will be offered a treatment plan to suit your needs.

What is a Medi-Pedi?

Medi-Pedi is short for Medical Pedicure and differs from a conventional Beauty Salon Pedicure because the Chiropodist uses their advanced skills to thoroughly remove hard skin and treat and re-shape toenails before beginning the beauty routine to give results which are incomparable.

If you are fortunate enough not to have any foot problems then a beauty pedicure may be all you need. However, if you have toenail problems or lots of hard skin and cracked heels, then you would really notice amazing results with a Medical Pedicure.  We can also use the latest the gel polishes to finish the treatment if you wish.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

At your first appointment I will take a detailed medical history, including lifestyle and family history and note any medication which you are taking. It would be helpful to bring along a recent prescription or list of medication with you. This is to assess how your foot problem may or may not be associated with any other health problems you may be experiencing and to make sure that you are treated safely and effectively.

Your feet will then be thoroughly examined and your problems discussed. A treatment plan will be decided to suit your feet. Services offered are quite extensive and treatments are tailored to each individual client.

Treatment will then be given and you will be given advice on how to look after your feet at home and whether you will need to have further treatment.

The highest standards of hygiene, record-keeping and confidentiality are maintained at all times, in line with government guidelines for the profession.

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