Podiatrist Wigan“My work involves being on my feet all day and I have lots of hard skin which is painful and pedicures never get rid of. My mum recommended that I have a treatment with Julia and I was totally amazed at the way she was able to remove all this dead skin without any pain at all.  My feet felt fantastic afterwards and I now have regular treatments with Julia to keep them feeling pain free.”
Sarah Johnson, 27, Hairdresser, Greater Manchester 

“My partner says I have awful feet and bought me a gift voucher for a Medical Pedicure treatment before our holiday because she didn’t want my feet to embarrass her on the beach.  I have to admit I was a bit unsure about this- I didn’t think guys had that sort of treatment.  However I really enjoyed it and didn’t recognise my nails afterwards-they were shiny and healthy-looking and my feet felt fantastic”.
Brian Lewis, 45, Accountant, Greater Manchester

“Thai foot massage is brilliant….so relaxing”
Lauren Davison, 34, Teacher, Greater Manchester

“I had never been to a chiropodist before and didn’t know what to expect, thinking it might be painful.  Julia was really nice and friendly and explained everything to me and it was never painful at all. I had my nails painted and a fantastic massage. She also explained to me how to look after my feet and keep them looking their best.”
Amy-Louise McLaren, 23, Fashion Designer, Birmingham

“I damaged my big toenail many years ago playing football and it never grew back properly and always looked unsightly. My friend suggested that I go and see Julia about nail reconstruction and she made a tremendous job of repairing it.  I’m quite happy to show my feet now!” 
Tony Ball, 56, Business Owner, Greater Manchester

“So friendly and a very professional practice”
Margaret Davies, 71, Retired, Cumbria

“Julia has been looking after my feet for over 10 years and I wouldn’t go to anybody else”
Helen Pennington, 56, Office Worker, Greater Manchester

“As always after my treatment I feel like I’m walking on air. Thank you X”
 Bernie Fitzmaurice,  Ashton-in-Makerfield   (Facebook Review)

“Have to say- I loved my Chiropody treatment in August – my feet felt gawjuss for ages afterwards. Thank you!
Adele Wilkes,  Ashton-in-Makerfield   (Facebook Review)

Just had my feet done by Julia – and they feel wonderful. What a lovely gift to give to someone!
Helen Pawson,  Ashton-in-Makerfield  (Facebook Review)

“Julia is really friendly, professional and efficient. I have extremely sensitive feet and she is marvellous with me”.
Jan Atkinson, Manchester  (Facebook Review)

“Fantastic! Professional and friendly. I’ll be back :D”
Jennifer Harrison, Wigan  (Facebook Review)

“My feet really do look and feel fabulous!!! Lovely, relaxing and friendly service!!!
Stella Harrison, Wigan  (Facebook Review)

“Absolutely stunning Thai Foot Massage. Julia is really friendly and the clinic is really clean. Highly recommended.”
Alex Induchny, Wigan (Google Review)

It is what it says – ‘fabulous’ “
Deborah Beck, Wigan (Facebook Review)

I visited Julia a week ago and had a Medical Pedicure. It was fantastic – my feet felt wonderful afterwards. I also had my toes done with Shellac as I am going on holiday. They look really good – so much so I went back and got Julia to do my fingernails as well. They also look great and I have had quite a few remarks saying how nice they look. I will be going back there in a few weeks time. A lovely, relaxing and professional place.”
Michele O’Halloran,  Ashton-in-Makerfield (Google Review) 

“I have had a pain in my heel for over 6 months now and I couldn’t get rid of it. I have been to my Doctor and then to a Phsio. The Physio recommended that I see a registered Chiropodist and recommended Julia at Fabulous Feet Chiropody. I’m so glad I took his advice. Within 2 weeks of seeing Julia I can finally walk without any pain again. The treatment was excellent and not rushed. Great service, highly recommended.”
Brendan Thornley (Google Review)

“After a lovely weekend visiting family in Wigan I passed this shop and decided to have a little pamper. After a quick chat with the lovely Julia I went for the Medical Pedicure and it was fantastic. She took off all my hard skin and made my heels sooo soft! Sorted out my dodgy toenail too! I found the clinic very clean and Julia was very professional and friendly. I have already booked another treatment for the next month when I’m next in Wigan. Thanks Julia see you soon.”
Eileen Wardell (Google Review)

“The last time I visited a chiropodist I was at school and was a little nervous about going here. Nothing to do with going to a chiropodist more to do with being embarrassed about my feet; they don’t look as cute as they did when I was six! Julia made me feel welcome as soon as I walked through the door; which put me at ease straight away. After my initial treatment I know that I will go back there, it felt more like a beauty treatment for my feet. I didn’t want to put my shoes back on! My feet felt gorgeous for days afterwards; thank you Julia. I have also been told, by a friend, that the Shellac Power Polish is brilliant and lasted for quite some time; definitely worth a try then! The treatment room is spotlessly clean – as you would expect a podiatry room to be. I love the shop front too; you shouldn’t be able to miss it as it’s so vibrant. It has to be said that this practice isn’t purely for ladies; a gent was coming in the door as I was leaving! “
Adele Wilkes (Yell Review)

“Visited Julia’s modern new practice as a treat to myself. I had a medical pedicure and nail polish. She was thorough, gentle and very professional. I would definitely visit again, and would recommend her for either foot problems or just a pampering!”
Pniffer (Yell Review)

“My big toenail has been thick and unsightly for a number of years now and so, as a result, have always avoided wearing sandals/open toed shoes. I wasn’t aware there was any solution for my problem but my friend recommended that I see Julia for nail reconstruction. I was absolutely amazed at how she completely transformed my feet! My nail has been completely reworked into a normal, natural-looking toenail! It was totally painless and I even continued my treatment by treating myself to a striking red shellac on all my nails! I’ve never worn colour on my toenails before because I was so ashamed of my feet. Absolutely fantastic!”
tired feet (Yell Review)

“5 stars doesn’t do Julia justice. Absolutely wonderful Thai foot massage for my partner and we’ve already booked in to return next week. Highly recommended!” 
Nexus Webs (Facebook Review)

“Really pleased with my treatment here….I’ve had something on my toe for ages and it was getting really sore. Plucked up the courage to go to Fabulous Feet (as I’m a complete wuss!) and Julia sorted it out straight away. It was a corn apparently but it has completely gone now – wish I’d gone earlier as it didn’t hurt at all”
Jo Jones (Google Review)

“Had a nail reconstruction done at fabulous feet recently and am so pleased with it. I had my big toenail removed when I was a teenager cos it was ingrowing and it only partly grew back. it was so ugly that i could never wear sandals in the summer and i was really ashamed to let anyone see it…i really had a complex about it! I was searching the internet for false nails and came across the fabulous feet website. Didn’t know that you could have this done!! The chiropodist filed all my nail down with this thing that looked like a dentists drill (it didn’t hurt) and then built up a brand new nail on top which dried under a light. its amazing and has totally transformed my foot. I can even paint it! Well pleased with the result. The clinic is lovely and very clean and i am happy to recommend it”
Lydia Dennison (Google Review)

“I decided to visit fabulous feet when I wanted a pamper. My heels have lots of hard skin on which I wanted sorting out. I came out feeling like I had a new pair of feet! Julia was very nice. She put me at my ease as I have never had my feet done before, so I was a bit nervous. I also felt that the price she charged was very reasonable. I will definitely be going back in the future.”
Del Bannister (Google Review)

“Brilliant treatment with Julia last Wednesday. Was recommended by my friend to have a pedicure here because it is such a fab treatment…..i have painful toenails and because she is trained as a chiropodist i can get these treated as well as having a Pedicure. I have a health plan insurance policy and so can claim back the fees as well!! ” 
Melanie Smith (Google Review)

“Best pedicure in Liverpool for sure! Nowhere else in this area does the medical pedicure where a chiropodist does all the hard skin removal and also sorts out your nails. My feet have always been bad and I have had medical pedicures in London because I travel a lot with my job. My friend told me about Fabulous Feet in Liverpool. I go there about once a month and have a pedicure to keep my feet looking good and feeling comfortable. I have found the place to be really clean, friendly and very professional. Would not hesitate to recommend – you will definitely not be disappointed.”
Philip Lee Hewitson (Google Review)

“I have seen Julia a couple of times before when she was at her other practice by the market and was so pleased to find out that she was back working in Ashton. I have an in-grown toenail which really plays me up at times and nobody seems to sort it out like Julia – it comes back really quickly, but when she does it it seems to last for ages. I moved away from the area a year ago but come back regularly to visit my mum in Ashton. She got me an appointment with Julia when I was visiting last week and my toe feels fantastic now…no more pain! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this practice and know that my mum and aunty both go there regularly.”
Jim Mayson (Google Review)

“Truly fabulous feet! Julia is very professional, welcoming and friendly with spotlessly clean premises and I would recommend her to anyone. She makes my sore and tired feet feel revitalised and looking and feeling new again. Give her a try, you won’t regret it! “
 Lynn Kelly (Google Review)

“Absolutely awesome!! Reconstructed my big toenail….which has been only half a nail since dropping a box on it 5 years ago. Wearing sandals for the first time since then. Can’t thank Julia enough. Beautiful clinic and top service”
Sally Reed (Google Review)

“I used to see Julia when she was by Ashton market but I moved to London 3 years ago so this was the first time i had been to her new practice. I was in Ashton visiting my mum and she had bought me a gift voucher for a treatment when i was here as she knows how much i love having my feet done – and how badly they needed doing! The new clinic is amazing and my treatment was superb. Julia never rushes the treatment and is so thorough…..my feet have never felt so good! Highly recommended”
Alexia R (Google Review)

Having had lots of Chiropody treatments over the years, I can only say how excellent and thorough Julia is. Her professionalism and very friendly pleasant manner is very relaxing. The surgery is very very clean and modern and again adds to the experience. The option of feet beauty adds to the treatment. I would recommend Julia very highly.”
Alison 281 (Yell.com Review)

“Julia works wonders on my feet and makes them feel like new again. She is very professional and knowledgeable but also very friendly and welcoming. The clinic is always spotlessly clean and I would recommend it to anyone.” ☺
LynnLynn1968 (Yell.com Review)

Thank you to Julia at Fabulous Feet for my treatment and advice on Saturday 13th September. My feet feel ‘fabulous’ (lol) and I will return again for pampering”  Alison Collier Barker (Facebook Review)

“The wonderful Julia fitted me in at short notice tonight after a cancellation – and WOW my feet feel sooo good again – thank you Julia”  Helen Pawson (Facebook Review)

If only people would look after their feet in the same way as they do their hair and nails. They would feel even more lovlier than before. Thanks Julia for my foot beauty treatment…ahh bliss!”  Patricia Reay Archer (Facebook Review)




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